How to Replace a Power Cord

Many things can cause a power cord to become damaged — a cord can become pinched, worn out, or chewed by a pet or household pest. Operating an electrical device with a damaged power cord is dangerous. However, replacing the power cord is something anyone can do, saving money and time.

Things You’ll Need
New power cord that is just like the old power cord. It will have either two or three individually wrapped wires, depending on whether or not it was a three-pronged, grounded plug.
Wire strippers/cutters
Sharp knife
Heat-shrink tubing

Cut the old power cord cleanly, about an inch from the damage. Use a sharp knife to separate the rubber coated wires in the cord. If the plug is a three-pronged grounded plug, there will be three wires; otherwise there will be only two.

Use the wire strippers to strip the insulation from about one half inch of the ends of the separated wires of the old cord.

Use the wire strippers to strip the insulation from about one half inch of the ends of the new power cord, if they are not stripped already.

Cut two pieces of heat-shrink tubing, each long enough to cover the stripped ends of wires. Slip these pieces onto the individual wires in the cord. Cut another piece of larger-diameter tubing to cover the entire repair. Slip that piece onto the cord as well.

Twist the stripped ends of the wires from the new cord together with the stripped ends of the old cord. If the cord was a three-pronged grounded version, one of the wires will be different from the other two — most likely covered in green insulation. This is the ground wire. Make sure you connect the two ground wires together. The other two wires can be connected any which way.

Slide the heat shrink-tubing over the twisted repairs of each individual wire. Use a heat source like a lighter to shrink the tubing snugly around the repair. Make sure there are no wires showing. If there are bare wires showing, cut another piece of tubing large enough to cover all wires.

Slide the large piece of heat-shrink tubing over the entire repair and use a heat source to shrink it as well. Once again, make sure there are no wires showing.

Post time: Apr-07-2017
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